Scholars Series Press Release

Beta Phi Mu Announces New Scholarly Publishing Initiative with
Rowman & Littlefield

Beta Phi Mu (BPM), the International Honor Society in Library and Information Science, and Rowman & Littlefield, a leading independent publisher, announce a major new series, the Beta Phi Mu Scholars Series.

BPM Board members John Budd (University of Missouri) and Marie Radford (Rutgers University) were instrumental in establishing the series and facilitating BPM’s move from Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO (BPM’s former publisher) to Rowman & Littlefield. They said, “Future content of works published in the Series must follow the Society’s purpose and must be substantive advancements to the field’s [i.e., the discipline and profession of library and information science] commitments to scholarship, leadership, and service. Beta Phi Mu aims to foster creative, innovative, and well-articulated work that members of the field will find influential. It is a goal of the Society, through the Series, to create works that people can reflect upon, discuss, and put into action.”

Charles Harmon, Executive Editor at Rowman & Littlefield, said “Rowman & Littlefield is proud to be associated with Beta Phi Mu and welcomes the opportunity to publish what is sure to be some of the finest scholarship in the field. The opportunity to work with the Society’s membership is a prime example of what makes academic publishing rewarding.”

Anyone interested in submitting proposals for the series should contact BPM Scholars Series editor Lorraine Haricombe ( or associate editor Keith Russell ( who are already at work to make this transition happen smoothly and quickly. Lorraine and Keith are supported by an editorial board (Cliff Haka, Linda Smith, and Betsy Wilson).

Rowman & Littlefield is one of the largest and fastest growing independent publishers and distributors in North America. The company publishes over 1,500 academic, reference, professional and general interest books and several journals each year in virtually all fields of the humanities and social sciences.

Beta Phi Mu is the international library and information studies honor society, founded in 1948 to recognize and encourage scholastic achievement among library and information studies students. The Society has headquarters at Drexel University, and its website is