Beta Phi Mu Scholars Series

About the Scholars Series

Beta Phi Mu teamed up with Rowman and Littlefield Publishing in 2014 to launch the new publishing initiative Beta Phi Mu Scholars Series.
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Beta Phi Mu aims to foster creative, innovative, and well-articulated work that members of the field will find influential. It is a goal of the Society, through the Series, to create works that people can reflect upon, discuss, and put into action. Works published in the Scholars Series follow the Society’s purpose and must be substantive advancements to the field’s commitments to scholarship, leadership, and service. The following broad topics suggest projects future authors may wish to undertake, but is by no means an exhaustive list:

      • The economics of information and libraries


      • Innovative service options in different environments


      • Technologies that facilitate librarians’ and information specialists’ work


      • Examination of the dynamics of communities


      • Complexities of decision making


      • Developing professionals to make differences in organizations


      • Research into communication challenges


      • Serving ethnically, culturally, and/or linguistically diverse populations


    • Creating models for the sustenance of leadership in organizations

Guide for Authors

Authors are asked to submit proposals that include the following:

      • Working title


      • Expected publication date and anticipated timeline


      • Estimated length of manuscript


      • Summary


      • Outline of chapters


      • Drafted chapter (at least one)


      • Explanation of the significance of the manuscript


    • Resume or vita addressing author’s qualifications

Inquiries, questions, and proposals are welcome and should be sent directly to the editor, Andrea Falcone, at

Scholars Series Editorial Board

Scholars Series Titles