Beta Phi Mu Chapbook Series

1953 – Contemporary Book Design
Ralph Eckerstrom

1956 – Fine Binding in America: The Story of the Club Bindery
Elbert A. Thompson and Lawrence S. Thompson

1957 – The Desert Daisy
H. G. Wells

1960 –The Odyssey of a Film-Maker
Frances H. Flaherty

1962 – Mr. Macready Produces As You Like It: A Prompt-Book Study
William Shakespeare, Charles H. Shattuck, William C. Macready, et al.

1964 – The Confederate Hundred: A Bibliophilic Selection of Confederate Books
Richard B. Harwell

1967 – Raking the Historic Coals: the A.L.A. Scrapbook of 1876
Edward G. Holley

1972 – Browning’s Old Schoolfellow: The Artistic Relationship of Two Robert Brownings
Jack Herring, Robert Browning

1974 – The Three Voyages of Captain Cook
Frank Paluka

1975 – Salmagundi: Byron, Allegra, and the Trollope family
N. John Hall, Frances M. Trollope

1977 – The Library at Mount Vernon
Frances Laverne Carroll, Mary Meacham

1979 – The History of a Hoax: Edmund Lester Pearson, John Cotton Dana, and The Old Librarian’s Almanack
Wayne A. Wiegand, Edmund L. Pearson

1980 – A Book for a Sixpence: The Circulating Library in America
David Kaser

1981 – Books for Sammies: The American Library Association and World War I
Arthur P. Young

1983 – Leaders in American Academic Librarianship, 1925-1975
Wayne A Wiegand