Publications Archive

Chapbook Series: Since its founding in 1948, one of the values that Beta Phi Mu has been committed to is that of promoting scholarship. Beta Phi Mu has a long history of publishing, starting with the Beta Phi Mu Chapbook Series in 1953. This series consisted of 15 publications and was discontinued in 1983.

Beta Phi Mu Monograph Series: In 1986, the opportunity to publish longer scholarly works was realized with the inception of the Monograph Series, the replacement for the Chapbook Series. Beta Phi Mu partnered with Greenwood Press in this endeavor. The publishing industry went through a lot of changes during the Monograph Series’ publishing history; ABC-CLIO eventually acquired Greenwood which resulted in the publishing of the last title of the series through Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO. The series was discontinued in 2013 and contains 11 titles.

The Beta Phi Mu Scholars Series: In 2014, Beta Phi Mu began a new scholarly publishing initiative in partnership with Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. The first publication in the series is Emily Knox’s Censorship in 21st Century America.

The Pipeline: Beta Phi Mu has also been publishing a national newsletter since 1954! Currently, issues from 2007 to the present are available online. We hope to digitize older editions of the newsletter and add them to the website.