Beta Phi Mu Members — Volunteer!

Service is one of the defining characteristics of Beta Phi Mu members! Would you like to get more actively involved in your honor society, or do you know someone who would make a strong candidate for a service position? Nominations and self-nominations are being sought for the following:

Committee Members. The following committees are in need of additional people to serve:

Scholarship Committee – Committee members review and evaluate submissions for Beta Phi Mu scholarships and awards. Reviewers are active after the March 15th submission deadline and make final recommendations prior to the Beta Phi Mu membership meeting at the ALA annual meeting in June.

Fundraising Committee – Committee members recommend and help execute fundraising strategies on behalf of Beta Phi Mu. We are particularly seeking persons with planned giving knowledge or experience to serve on this committee.

Nominating Committee – Committee members work with the past president to identify BPM members who will make strong candidates for board and officer positions.

By-laws Committee –Detail-oriented persons with an understanding of organizational structure and functioning are sought to help review our by-laws and make recommendations for changes and improvements. By-laws changes are voted upon for final approval by our membership.

Other Positions
Nominations or self-nominations are also being sought for:

Board Members – Board members serve two year terms and may be elected for two consecutive terms. They attend BPM Executive Board meetings held at ALA mid-winter and annual meetings and help to set policy and develop new initiatives for our organization. Board members may also serve on or chair committees in support of the organization’s work.

Archivist – The Archivist is appointed for a five-year term, advises the Executive Board on archival matters, and works with Beta Phi Mu headquarters on preparing and shipping materials to the University of Illinois archives. Someone located in the Philadelphia or Urbana-Champaign area, with archival experience, would be ideal.

Interested? Send the candidate’s name, position(s) interested in, chapter affiliation, and a brief statement of relevant interest/experience to Beta Phi Mu headquarters at While we cannot guarantee that all candidates can be placed immediately, we appreciate everyone’s willingness to get involved and will be maintaining a “pool” of interested members to call upon for future service as well.