Bylaws: Article 9

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Section 1: Purpose
The Assembly is the vehicle for chapter representation in the governance of Beta Phi Mu. It serves as an advisory body to the Executive Board, provides a forum for the exchange of ideas among chapters and members, and forms a communications link between the chapters and the Executive Board.

Section 2: Members of the Assembly
The Assembly shall consist of one regular member representing each chapter, chosen in accordance with the bylaws of that chapter. Participation in the Assembly shall be urged for all chapters. Any chapter may be represented in meetings of the Assembly by an alternate designated by that chapter in accordance with its bylaws in the event that the regularly selected representative to the Assembly is unable to attend. Members of the Assembly shall not serve for more than six consecutive years.

Section 3: Nonvoting Officers of the Assembly
The Vice President/President-elect of Beta Phi Mu serves as the chair of the Assembly and the Executive Director of Beta Phi Mu serves as the secretary of the Assembly. The chair and the secretary are non-voting members of the Assembly.

Section 4: Duties of the Officers
The chair shall preside at all meetings of the Assembly, appoint committees as appropriate or as directed by the Assembly, and perform any other duties customary to the office. The secretary shall keep a record of the attendance at Assembly meetings and of the business transacted by the Assembly and shall transmit Assembly minutes and recommendations to the Executive Board.

Section 5: Election of Directors
The Assembly shall elect from its own membership Directors to serve on the Executive Board in accordance with these Bylaws. At each of its annual meetings the Assembly shall elect two directors to serve as members of the Executive Board for terms of two years each. Nominees must meet the qualifications for directors as specified in Article VII, Sec. 3.

Section 6: Meetings
The Assembly shall meet annually in conjunction with the Annual Conference of the American Library Association. Written notice of the annual meeting shall be posted on the national website and a message sent to the chapter president, faculty advisor, and dean or director of the program where each chapter is located not later than thirty days before the meeting.