Bylaws: Article 8

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Committees shall be of two types: standing and ad hoc. Standing Committees are the Nominating Committee, the Scholarships and Grants Committee, and the Monograph Series Editorial Board.

Section 1: Standing Committees
Unless otherwise provided in these Bylaws, members of standing committees shall be appointed by the President for terms of two years, and may be reappointed for successive terms, except that no person shall serve more than six consecutive years. Appointments shall be made to provide for staggered terms and continuity in membership. At least one member of each committee may be a voting member of the Executive Board. Regular and honorary members-at-large members of Beta Phi Mu are eligible to serve on committees. The President shall designate one member of each committee to serve as its chair.

  1. Nominating Committee
    The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of qualified nominees for elective offices as required by Bylaws, Article IV, Sec. 5, and suggest qualified candidates for appointments to fill vacancies. The Committee shall consist of the immediate Past-president, who will serve as chair, and two other members.
  2. Scholarships and Grants Committee
    The Scholarships Committee shall consist of at least three members and be chaired by a board member appointed by the President. The chair shall serve as liaison with the Executive Director and Executive Board.
  3. Scholars Series Editorial Board
    The Scholars Series Editorial Board shall advise the series Editor on manuscripts for publication. The Board consists of at least four members and the series editor. The Editor, appointed by the president with the approval of the Executive Board for a term of five years, shall serve as the chair of the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board members shall be appointed to the Editorial Board by the Editor with the approval of the Executive Board for terms of five years.

Section 2: Ad Hoc Committees
Ad hoc committees may be appointed at the discretion of the President, upon authorization of the Executive Board, or by recommendation of the membership. Number of members, designation of a chair, and charge and instructions shall be at the discretion of the President unless specified in the directions. Members shall serve until the purpose of the committee is accomplished and final report is received.