Bylaws: Articles 6 & 7

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Section 1: Location
The national headquarters shall be located at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Section 2: Length of Location
The location of the national headquarters shall be reviewed by the Executive Board at least once every five years.


Section 1: Duties and Responsibilities
The Executive Board is the governing body of Beta Phi Mu. It is empowered to set policy; authorize and dissolve chapters upon petition, review and adopt the annual budget, authorize expenditures for specific activities not included in the annual budget, provide leadership to the chapters through liaison with the Assembly [and by providing chapters with handbooks for guidance, respond to recommendations from the Assembly, authorize seminars and other programs or training, carry out the requirements of these Bylaws, and initiate other activities to carry out the purposes of Beta Phi Mu. Through the President it shall report to the Assembly and to the Membership at all meetings of these bodies.

Section 2: Voting Members
The voting members of the Executive Board shall be the President, Vice-President/President-elect, immediate Past President, Treasurer, two Directors-at-large, and four Directors elected by the Assembly (Article IX, Sec. 5).

Section 3: Qualifications
All voting members of the Executive Board must be regular members of Beta Phi Mu.

  1. Each Director elected by the Assembly shall be affiliated with a chapter not already represented on the Executive Board and shall not serve simultaneously as a member of the Assembly. No chapter shall be represented by a Director for more than two successive terms.

Section 4: Officers and Duties
The President of the Society shall serve as chairperson with voting privileges and the Executive Director shall serve as secretary without a vote.

Section 5: Vacancies
The Executive Board shall appoint to fill unexpired terms. Persons appointed to fill unexpired terms must meet eligibility requirements of the Office.

Section 6: Meetings
The Executive Board shall meet twice a year to coincide with the Midwinter meeting and the Annual Conference of the American Library Association. Additional meetings may be called by the President or by petition by six voting members of the Executive Board. A majority of the voting members shall constitute a quorum except that two-thirds of the voting membership must be present to vote on a nomination for honorary membership (Article III, Sec. 3).

Section 7: Interim Voting
The President may authorize voting by paper or electronic mail or conference call between meetings. Vote results will be reported in the minutes of the next meeting following the vote.