Bylaws: Article 5

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Section 1
The appointed officers shall be Executive Director and Archivist. The Executive Board may create other appointed officer positions as needed (such as Newsletter Editor), appoint persons to them, and set their duties and terms of office.

Section 2: Executive Director
The Executive Director shall serve as the administrative officer of the Society, carrying out the policies and directions of the Executive Board in the operation of the National Headquarters.

  1. Term of Office
    The Executive Director shall be appointed by the Executive Board for a term of three years, renewable at the pleasure of the board.
  2. Duties
    The Executive Director shall attend all meetings of and act as secretary for the Executive Board, the Assembly and the Membership[;], assist the Treasurer in the preparation of the annual budget, direct the work of the office staff, arrange meetings and send to Executive Board members at least fifteen days before meetings copies of the agenda for each meeting[;], maintain records and preserve archives of the Society, issue newsletters on a schedule directed by the Board, maintain a database with contact information of the membership [mailing list, maintain a record of the chapters represented by officers and directors and be prepared to verify the eligibility (Article IV, Sec.2 and Article VII, Sec. 3) of proposed directors at Assembly meetings, and maintain a policy-procedure manual for officers, directors and headquarters staff.
  3. Office Staff
    The Executive Director shall employ office staff authorized by the Executive Board as to number and salary. The Executive Director shall provide a job description of each position and direct the work of the office staff. Staff members may be invited by the President to attend meetings to make reports or present information pertinent to the agenda.

Section 3: Archivist

The Archivist shall serve as the historian and preservation officer of the Society.

  1. Term of Office
    The Archivist shall be appointed by the Executive Board for a term of five years, renewable at the pleasure of the Board
  2. Duties
    The Archivist shall report to and advise the Executive Board on archival matters, review archival policy on a five year basis, and prepare and send material to the University of Illinois Archives on a five year cycle.