Bylaws: Articles 10 & 11

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Section 1: Annual Meeting
There may be an annual business meeting of the membership of Beta Phi Mu to coincide with the Annual Conference of the American Library Association. The President of Beta Phi Mu shall preside and make a report to the membership at such meetings.

Section 2: Votes
Votes on the business of the Society may be taken at membership meetings. Votes of the membership may be authorized by the Executive Board between meetings. A majority of the valid votes cast shall be required for action and results of those votes shall be reported at the next meeting of the membership.


Section 1: Definition and Purpose
Chapters are local societies of Beta Phi Mu members organized as constituent units of Beta Phi Mu and operated for the purpose of promoting and supporting the interests of Beta Phi Mu and of programs where the chapters are established. Chapters may be attached to a single accredited or recognized program or be a joint chapter attached to two or more programs.

Section 2: Names of Chapters
Chapters are identified by Greek letters assigned by the Executive Board and included in the charter granted when a chapter is installed.

Section 3: Powers and Functions
Chapters are empowered to initiate members in accordance with these Bylaws and to accept as members, persons initiated by other chapters and regular and honorary Beta Phi Mu members-at-large, to participate in the governance of Beta Phi Mu by representation in the Assembly, and to function in support of the program to which they are attached. Initiation regulations allow:

  1. A chapter established with a newly accredited master’s program may initiate eligible persons who were graduated no earlier than twenty-four months prior to the accreditation of the program.
  2. A chapter established at a school with a master’s program continuously accredited may initiate eligible persons who were graduated no earlier than twenty-four months prior to the accreditation of the program.

Section 4: Organization of Chapters
A chapter charter may be granted by the Executive Board upon petition signed by twenty-five regular members of Beta Phi Mu, accompanied by a letter of authorization from the dean or director of an accredited program (or deans or directors of accredited programs for joint chapters).

Section 5: Installation of Chapters
A chapter shall be installed by the President of Beta Phi Mu, a Past-president of Beta Phi Mu, the Executive Director, or a voting member of the Executive Board designated by the President.

Section 6: Governance of Chapters
Chapters shall be governed by bylaws adopted by them which are not in conflict with these Bylaws. Chapter bylaws shall include designation of officers, the manner of their election, their terms of office and their respective duties; provisions for choosing a representative to the Assembly; regular membership meetings including at least one initiation each year; procedures for the amendment of the chapter bylaws; and procedures for the disposition of chapter assets in the event of chapter dissolution or merger with another chapter; and may include a schedule of dues and/or initiation fees.

Section 7: Chapter Adviser
Each chapter should have an adviser who is a member of Beta Phi Mu or an honorary chapter member to represent the chapter in membership and related matters before the faculty of the degree program where it is located and to advise in all activities of the chapter. A joint chapter might provide for an advisory committee representing each institution. Ideally the chapter advisor should be a faculty member, but a staff member with an LIS or related background meeting the above criteria is also acceptable. Chapters may also name a staff liaison in addition to their advisor if desired.

Section 8: Dissolution of Chapters
The Executive Board may dissolve a chapter when a program ceases or loses accreditation permanently, or upon petition by the chapter reflecting a majority vote of its members.