Beta Phi Mu is governed by a set of Bylaws, which list such items as membership criteria, officers and committees, Advisory Assembly, and local chapters. Bylaws are posted on the Society’s web site. The most recent draft of a revision of the Bylaws, dated 2010, follows. If these revisions pass during the May 2010 election, these Bylaws will become effective at the American Library Association Conference in Washington D.C. June 2010.

Article 1 & 2: Name & Purposes
Article 3: Membership
Article 4: Elected Officers
Article 5: Appointed Officers
Article 6 & 7: National Headquarters & Executive Board
Article 8: Committees
Article 9: Assembly
Article 10 & 11: Membership Meetings & Chapters
Article 12: Dues and Finances
Article 13 – 18: Tax Exempt Status, Non-Discrimination, Intellectual Freedom, Amendments, Parliamentary Authority, & Dissolution